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Cosmo Peel


A peel formulated to fight against the effects of aging, the Cosmo Peel from Dermaceutic Laboratories with buffered TCA or trichloroacetic acid, is available in both superficial and medium peel strengths.

For smoother skin, a Cosmo Peel reveals a marked difference in the appearance of wrinkles, darker spots, and the texture of the skin.

This peel will:

  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Improve skin texture
  • Smooth the skin
  • Even out skin tone
  • Help aid the effectiveness of treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections and fillers

The active ingredients contained in the Cosmo Peel are lactic acid, ascorbic acid, salicylic acid, and Retinol palmitate. Contact Dr Michael Zacharia today!

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