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Maintaining your acne free skin

“My skin is finally clearing up, so I need to keep it that way!”

Remember when your acne was out of control? Yep, that was a nightmare! If you’ve gotten on top of your acne breakouts through a combination of dermal treatments and medical-grade products, then it is often necessary to do maintenance every now and then to quickly get on top of any further flare ups and really take care of your skin. This way you can keep your skin under control and stay looking good!

What causes acne?

The main cause of acne outbreaks is due to the hormones in our body. Often acne crops up when we’re going through some big hormonal changes – but these can be ongoing. Our hormonal acne treatment addresses the effects of your hormones, but because they can still wreak havoc on your body, maintenance is often needed after your initial course of treatment. Getting rid of acne can be an ongoing process!

We take your maintenance treatments seriously. At The Medispa Clinic we provide medical-grade services and products to really conquer your acne. Our clinicians are highly trained and provide excellent skin care guidance and advice.

Our acne maintenance program

You can maintain your fantastic results with a regular treatment session to make sure that your acne does not come back.

Our skin care regimen

Come in once every 6 weeks for assessment of your progress and a customised dermal therapy session, involving cleansing of the skin and a peel, microdermabrasion, or Laser Genesis, our laser treatment for acne.

Combine your dermal therapy with the best products to stay on top of your acne from Aspect Dr.

Keep your skin clear and stay in control with our maintenance program. Call us on 02 9192 1600 to book in for your top up session today.

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