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Active acne


Anyone who hasn’t had acne has absolutely no idea what it’s like. The red inflamed skin. The overflow of oil. The painful lumps and bumps. The fact that regular skincare doesn’t have any effect. And then when that’s all over, the marks and uneven scarring of the skin! Why me!?

Acne comes about due to hormonal changes in the body. And while you can attempt to get your hormones under control, the best acne treatment to eliminate the physical signs of the condition is one that a targeted, ongoing skincare blitz.

Our clinic provides the best treatment for acne and acne scar removal with a combination of dermal therapies and medical-grade skincare products to calm your skin, get the oil under control, and redefine the surface. Our staff are highly trained to provide the best advice based specifically on your skin type and your situation.

Our acne treatments

We offer a range of treatments for your acne – whatever stage you’re at.

Active acne

Our active acne program is designed specifically for those who are currently suffering from acne. Therapies include deep cleansing, peels, and LED light therapy, which are complemented with a range of the best acne products for use at home.

Acne scarring

Our acne scarring program is for those who are still suffering from the ongoing repercussions of acne, with scarring on the face. We use Dermastamp and Laser Genesis to redefine the skin’s surface, and have a tailored range of skincare products to match.

Acne maintenance treatment

For those who’ve previously undergone our active acne treatment program, or similar therapies elsewhere, keep your acne under control with our maintenance treatment. It can involve deep cleansing, and peels alongside tailored skincare solutions.

Clear skin is within reach! Call us at The Medispa Clinic on 02 9192 1600 and book an appointment to get on top of your acne issues today.

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